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I have recently purchased the Nikon D850. It is a good camera, but definitely my last Nikon.

You might ask, why would someone like me, who was a “Nikonist” from day one and personally responsible for some of the funniest insults to “Canoinists” wherever they are, why would I take such decision?

The answer is very simple. Nikon has fallen asleep again, loosing site of the market and the camera I have today, was actually supposed to be produced four years ago, if not earlier.

Let me share with you my voyage so far. For the last four years, I have used the Nikon D810, a good camera by all means. Or at least, a camera that was supposed to be good. However, it had major focus problems especially in low light. It did not matter which focus type you used, continuous or not, it did not help. I have witnessed my catwalk models stepping forward from the focus field into blurriness.

Talking to other Nikonists around me, we found out that many of these cameras had the same problem and this is after the major focus problems the whole predecessors of the Serie D800 had.

It was so bad that I simply placed my flash on and went backstage to shoot the models there.

Gdansk PL nights

Gdansk streets by night

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